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Festive Appeal

Please meet Mihlali, one of our inspiring young students. She is one of the 200 young students who attends the Salesian School of Skills. Mihlali lives in a neighborhood where gangs, drugs and violence are an everyday reality. It’s not safe she told us. Mihlali was struggling at her last school and the Teachers dealing with already overcrowded classes, could not afford to spend any time with her. Her mother knew she would be left behind.

Please listen to her story.


Like every other child, Mihlali has her wish list for Christmas. It has one item on it. Shoes. Michelle wants shoes, black shoes, her favorite colour so that she can look nice when she attends church and when she is out visiting with family and friends over the holidays.

At Salesian Youth Projects we focus on vulnerable youth; those most at risk. The families who struggle to afford the basics in life. Our job is to care for these 200 young children every year, providing the necessary support they need: school pants, jumpers, shoes, books. We also provide over 40,000 meals every year. You cannot teach a hungry child, and many arrive very hungry.
Every young person who comes to our door is looking for a chance. Nelson Mandela, said:

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

Being there for a young person in need is critical. A kind word, a smile or a small act of kindness can change their world.
This holiday season, will you help?

Have a heart. Donate today.

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